The Faculty of Soil Science and Agrochemistry was established in May 1984 on the basis of the Faculty of Agronomy, and in July 1987, as a result of educational reforms, it was included into the Faculty of Agronomy.

Due to the sharp decrease in the number of students in March 2002, the faculties of "agronomy", "fruit and vegetable growing and viticulture" were abolished and on their basis was established the faculty of agronomy and soil science. The faculty includes "Agrochemistry", "Soil Science and Soil Reform", "Botany and Plant Physiology", "Crop Production", "General Agriculture", "Genetics and Plant breeding", "Plant Protection and Sericulture" and "Fruit, Vegetable and Subtropical Plants".

In 2009, a new faculty of agronomy and technology, and later on the basis of this faculty (in 2010) were established the faculties of "agronomy" and "agrotechnology".

In 2020, the Faculty of Agronomy was divided into two faculties: "Agronomy" and "Soil Science and Agrochemistry". The departments of "soil science", "agrochemistry" and "plant protection" were included in the faculty of soil science and agrochemistry.

The faculties of "Agronomy", "Agrochemistry and Soil Science", "Fruit and Vegetable and Viticulture" and "Plant Protection" were headed by prominent scientists in different years: Vladimir Pavlovich Smirnov-Loginov, Husu Nagiyev, B.Makinski, E.Kuchayev, D.Ivanov, Imam Mustafayev, Mikayil Gulubeyov, Rajab Mammadov, Aligulu Narimanov, Alakbar Guliyev, Niyaz Safarov, Hidayat Aslanov, Javid Babayev, Huseyn Khalilov, Bilal Bayramov , Gahraman Khalilov, Ali Isgandarov, Gafar Mammadov, Faig Mammadov, Chingiz Novruzov, Sarif Ahmadov, Zahid Suleymanov, Yasir Jafarov, Jamil Hajiyev, Ibrahim Jafarov, Nizami Seyidaliyev, Hasil Fataliyev, and Maharram Ismayilov.

At present, the dean of the faculty is associate professor Khalig Khalilov.

In the formation and development of the faculties of "Soil Science and Agrochemistry" and "Agronomy", as well as in the training of national scientific and pedagogical staff, prominent foreign scientists played a great role prominent scientists such as: - V. Smirnov-Loginov, A. Grossheim, V. Akimtsev, D. Ivanov, I. Figurovsky, D. Shutov, M.Brzezitsky, N.Malov, P.Grebennikov and others. Many of these scientists headed the relevant departments, and under their supervision were defended dozens of PhD and doctoral dissertations.

The training of specialists in "Soil Science and Agrochemistry" began in the early years of the Faculty of Agriculture (1920), the training of specialists in "Plant Protection" began in 1942.

In accordance with the direction of the department, specialist training was carried out in the specialty of "sericulture". Thus, the specialty was opened in 1924, had its first graduation in 1928, then stopped, reopened in 1942, and lasted until 1976.


The training of specialists in this specialty was resumed in 1981 and continued until 2009.

At present, the Faculty of Soil Science and Agrochemistry trains specialists of the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels in the field of "Soil Science and Agrochemistry", "Plant Protection" in Azerbaijani, Turkish and English languages.

During its activity, the faculty has trained more than 10,000 highly qualified specialists. Among them are prominent scientists, statesmen, politicians and labor heroes.

Among the graduates of the faculty there are prominent academicians such as Ilyas Abdullayev, Jabrayil Huseynov, Siddiga Mammadova, corresponding members of the academy Mammad Emin Salayev, Rahim Huseynov, Ibrahim Jafarov, professors Ulfat Rahimov, Bahman Khalilov, Namaz Badalov, Amin Babayev and Allahverdi Seyidov who continued their professional career in this sphere.

At present, the Faculty of Soil Science and Agrochemistry has a rich material and technical base, there are classrooms and laboratories equipped with modern teaching equipment. Scientists of the faculty, along with the training of highly qualified agricultural specialists, make valuable contributions to the development of agricultural science.

At the moment the staff of the departments of "Soil Science", "Agrochemistry" and "Plant Protection" of the faculty, in addition to pedagogical and teaching activities, also conduct extensive research in various fields of agrarian science, they contact with leading companies and farmers of the Republic, provide them with practical assistance, test the results of their scientific research on farms in different regions in different soil and climatic conditions


In connection with the development of the agrarian sector, the main base of departments for research is advanced farms, research institutes, teaching and experimental farms of the university.

The teaching staff of the faculty, in addition to teaching and research work, is actively involved in the preparation of textbooks, tutorials and monographs.